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We help you change the look of your tiled walls

We help you express your vision whether you are looking for something clean and simple or a graphic design with attitude.

Our V-Wrap wall wrap is simple to place on your tiled porcelain, cement, or brick walls, in either pre-cut shapes to fit individual tiles or larger sheets to cover a broader area. Easy to create an accent wall and change the mood.

Choose from our dozens of standard colors or specify your own. Create your graphic or let us create one for you. Our blog page is a great place to familiarize yourself with the many possibilities.

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What we do

Our V-wrap is a hydrophobic film system to cover your tiled walls. We offer it in large sections and pre-cut sizes. Design and installation assistance avaiable.

Preview your bathroom

You could see what your room will look like with your chosen color and design. Simply send us a photo of your room and where you're planning to install V-Wrap.

What to do

1. Determine the walls or wall to be covered.
2. Choose the colors desired or create graphic.
3. Optional: Send us photo of the wall to be covered so you could see how it will look like in your space.
4. Measure the area needed to determine how much V-wrap you'll need (add extra inches to insure you have enough material).
5. Order V-wrap in roll or custom pre-cuts


Selected Work

For Bathroom

Private Home – Airbnb – Hotel


Fun Spaces–outdoors-public

For Home

Kitchen – Living Areas

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