10 Tricks to Increase the Size of your Bathroom

Do you need to renovate a small bathroom? Do you want your bathroom to look bigger?

If the dimensions of your bathroom do not satisfy you or if it is not very bright, in this article you will find some small tricks.

  1. Create depth with colors in a small bathroom

To create depth inside your bathroom, I recommend that you try to use combinations of different colors and shades, in other words, games of contrast to emphasize volumes and spaces.

Usually, I do it by taking into account personal taste and needs. Do you want some examples?

Create decorated walls by contrasting geometric cement tiles with a minimal background, or choose to use a light tone for the whole bathroom and then I mark a wall using a dark coating.

In doing so, always try not to overdo the decorations and bright colors: risk of burdening the environment!

  1. Small bathroom: the lights make it bigger

A good idea is to take advantage of the lighting to create small sets.

For example, creating and lighting niches, thanks to recessed spotlights, creates movement in the bathroom and deceives the perspective. Insert LED strips in the corners, inside a shower positioned on the opposite side from the entrance.

Here, even the use of light – in a modern way – makes one perceive a greater dimension of the spaces.

  1. A small bathroom that reflects

An always valid proposal is to use tiles that are able to reflect light and shapes, in order to create a mirror effect.

Use a polished stoneware to get the feeling of a mirror reflection

The second option, which allows you a very similar effect, is to use contrasting design shapes from wall to floor.

Using these tile designs creates almost imperceptible movements.

A third method that allows you to obtain a similar result is the use of mosaic, both glassy and in marble or mother of pearl. Again, the tiles reflect lights and spaces, creating a feeling of greater dimensions.

  1. Different sizes to enlarge a small bathroom

For example:  use large-format slabs for the portion of the shower, while in the rest of the bathroom insert a Greek fret, a mosaic pattern or staggered strips to give dynamism and movement to the walls.

  1. Three-dimensional tiles for your small bathroom

three-dimensional surfaces make the environment more interesting, more lively, less banal.

Consider three dimension effect on the back wall of the shower.

If you decide to use this type of tiles, pay attention to the installation and avoid using them in correspondence with flush-to-wall sanitary ware, washbasins, fixing profiles of the shower box … this is to avoid unpleasant irregularities in the contact between the surface and the object in question.

Once you have decided on the area to be paved with the three-dimensional surface, use a clean and elegant surface with neutral colors for the rest of the bathroom.

  1. Large geometries in a bathroom wall

The latest trend is to use macro geometries in a single wall. So a game of triangles or a combination of large hexagons also of different colors.

If you like this solution do not overdo the color differences and stay on neutral and slightly iridescent shades. In this case, the final result will be spectacular and impactful!

But if you exaggerate with colors and formats, the risk is to obtain the opposite effect: too much emphasis on one wall and perception of the bathroom even smaller.

  1. The small bathroom: tone on tone

We can also rename this “Do you like to win easy?”

In fact, if you want to aim for a certain result, the use of light colors such as white and beige are certainly a valid option, to make the bathroom brighter and visually more open and spacious.

I suggest, from experience, to be very careful if you decide to use this method because the risk of running into banality is always around the corner.

  1. Colorful items: needed in a small bathroom

recommend using colored furniture items, especially when the bathroom is monochromatic.

buy curtains, fabrics, towels and colored objects because they can be easily changed (unlike surfaces that require complex and invasive interventions).

Here, if you want, use this little trick too: think of an ornament, a mirror, a small armchair or lamps that can capture attention and are easy to replace over time.

The final result will be a very particular, fresh and light bathroom characterized by refined objects.

  1. A generous bathroom mirror

An old trick but it always works!

A large mirror, wide and long, which maybe starts from the piece of furniture and also runs over the bathroom fixtures is a solution that I occasionally propose, especially when I find myself designing a minimal bathroom.

  1. Small bathroom embellished with decorated plates or playful shower tile

If I am lucky enough to meet a client who appreciates this type of project, I enjoy inserting backdrops using natural or stylized landscapes or abstract graphics, but with the characteristic of the depth of the design.

Also, in this case I always impose the rule of never repeating this game in several bathroom walls but limit myself to a single wall, to a well-defined portion.

For example: I like woods graphics or “urban jungle” motifs but I always have to be careful to avoid the tropical forest effect!