15 Affordable Bathroom Wall Design Ideas

15 affordable bathroom designs featuring V-Wrap wall wrap.

The cost are actual costs from V-Wrap, including the shipping charges.  We included cost examples so you have an idea on how much you could expect to spend.

Whether you are doing a small or large makeover, remodel or just a design upgrade, these budget friendly examples will expand your understanding on what is possible on a small budget.

                                      Bathroom Design Options with Costs

Add a wide black & white color lane to an all white bathroom. While black and white creates a formal mood, adding an abstract design adds a little fun whimsy.

Pre-cut wall-wrap placed over large tile, allowing the white grout to be exposed.

15 pieces 20″ x 14″ $320.83

A good idea to break-up a long white wall is to divide the wall in half. A kind of wainscoting idea but instead of wood, use large tile pieces. In this case, a roll of wall-wrap with Spanish-Moorish design tile. 

Roll of 32″ wide x 20 ft (order a little extra just in case). $469.00

Adding a vertical lane inside the shower with a color that connects it to the outside color decor. Add an interesting pattern to create a pop in an all white tiled bathroom.

Pre-cut strip of wall wrap made this a very easy and fast job. 14″ x 32″ piece was ordered. $42.22

A pre-fabricated bathroom enclosure doesn’t need to be dull, in its all white plastic construction. Add a patchwork of mosaics for a country touch, as you see here, or with uniform tile colors to add a touch of formality.

Wall wrap 52”x76” wide roll. $247.80

Recommend that you apply V-Wrap wet to ease installation.

Connect two walls with floor color while adding an extra design layer to two walls.

Adding a sectioned back splash over the sink to tie it to the opposing wall. Optional to add  vertical lane to the pre-fab shower stall in the same design as the walls.

38″ x 66″ one wall and three pre-cut 12″x12″ pieces. $187.83

If you have a colorful wash basin, add a backsplash to match.

Here small tiles in a wall-wrap to play-off the bowl. It may be “too busy” from some, then choose a solid color like a slate grey, which is often a safe shade to use in many areas.

165 2.5″ x 2.5″ pre-cut V-wrap placed over tiles. $78.73

Light grey geometric chevrons on white gives an otherwise plain white bathroom some dazzle.

Place the design on two opposing accent walls to tie them together.

Installation accomplished with strips of pre-cut wall-wrap to fit precisely over existing tile. 21 square feet of V-Wrap $231.00

This project took a little more planning. Pre-cut squares of varying size placed over white surface. The larger tiles centered in the middle and became smaller as you go outward. You could also create the effect with a single roll of V-Wrap, but could be more challenging install on a larger wall.

32.5 square foot wall. $357.50

Another pre-fabricated shower enclosure. Add a pattern design to coordinate with a surrounding wall or floor will instantly upgrade the look of white plastic shower enclosure.

A roll of 28″ x 150″ V-wrap $259

Do you have wooden furniture in your bathroom? It’s a perfect accent to create a country mosaic design. If you don’t want to go all in on country quilt, add some modern design to the patchwork. Here, wall-wrap over subway tiles provides a modern look to old country.

36 square feet pre-cut $396

Looking for an industrial bathroom design for that loft? Use wall-wrap with brown, greys, and blues. Larger square pre-cuts with German or Spanish design motifs. The other walls  or floor could be a sandstone or grey color.

30 square feet pre-cut V-Wrap $330

Sometimes just a small design addition is enough for you.

Here chevron lines placed on an end wall adds dimension and a feeling of a curved wall to an otherwise boxy bathroom. Too bold of a color and it could be distracting.

10.5 square feet $115.50

Another example of a small design that offers big changes in a bathroom’s look and vibe. A bright colored mosaic will light-up any bathroom. A lane of vertical wall-wrap provides a backsplash, adds height to the otherwise small bathroom, and character. Some might say a big bang for the buck.

18″x77″ V-wrap piece $105.87

If you have a plain white tile walls (or ugly tile) and just want to add a colored accent wall, that’s easy to do.

V-Wrap offers swatches with standard colors to choose from (the link is here). Get these in rolls or pre-cut pieces.


Center your wall with oversized tiles in the center and surround it with smaller tiles.

These pre-cut wall-wrap pieces ia a a mix of Spanish, Middle-Eastern, and Mexican design. Tiles were bordered with solid color wall-wrap

See below video to see how this was installed.