3D Tiles to Cover the Bathroom

If you are looking for something truly special to give your bathroom character, consider 3D tiles. What is special about them? The relief of course! This detail gives movement to the wall and the reflections of light that take the different facets of the surface make it an interesting presence that changes with the light, at various times of the day or according to the intensity and direction of the lighting.

A now classic 3D effect is the wave design that reminds us of water and is therefore particularly suitable for the bathroom.

The colored tile is an example of this. Match it with smooth and neutral tiles in the same color and study the laying pattern based on the furnishings you have chosen. As in the image below, a vertical band behind the mirror and the bathroom cabinet creates a decorative motif that vertically slims the room.

An entire bathroom with three-dimensional effect coatings can be too “lively”. My advice is to combine a tile with a traditional smooth surface: the Loft series offers coordinates in a rectangular format. If there are no coordinated tiles of the same model, combining different models may not be easy. To find what works, first go in search of the right color tone, definitely detach by size or even choose unexpected combinations with decidedly decorative motifs as in the example below.

the designs proposed by the many tile companies are many. They range from traditional geometries with regular formats to more surprising graphic patterns, different also for the surface finish. Choosing the matte finish means focusing on a more discreet and measured effect, focusing on glossy coatings means daring and maximizing the potential of the three-dimensional, flashy and showy effect and accentuating the bas-relief.

Consider “3D effect tiles” even those that create irregular movement on the wall, which seem to have been placed a little crooked, almost by mistake, but which on the whole are very elegant and refined, discreet but not trivial. I like the Interior tile because it has a light and irregular pattern that reminds me of “handmade”. If the lighting is not frontal but comes from one side, like a spot, the relief is accentuated and enhanced to the maximum.