Choosing a Fashionable Bathroom Tile: Design Options

Furnishing the bathroom in a modern style is now not a problem: there are solutions and ideas that perfectly meet the needs dictated by the individual spaces. Whether you have a small or a more spacious environment, the possible solutions are endles.

The important thing is to have clear ideas: even if the choice of furniture for the designer bathroom is strongly conditioned by the space available, even small modern bathrooms can contain all the elements necessary for a serene usability. Don’t believe it? Read on!

The furniture ideas for modern bathrooms all pass through the concept of essentiality: whether it is the coverings or the furnishings, the rule is only one, avoid overloading. If you choose tiles, do not exclude materials such as PVC, parquet, the same wood, stone, or concrete which gives wonderful effects. They are innovative bathroom ideas but they will also surprise you for the general performance. If you like mosaic, know that it’s back in vogue, as long as you don’t intend to use it on all surrounding walls, you’ll become dizzy. The mosaic in the bathroom becomes almost a piece of furniture rather than a covering. The designs should highlight rather than fill, especially in a small bathroom where you risk putting too much.

Pay attention to the choice of color, because too dark tones risk burdening and darkening the environment; opt for light colors and vivid tones that amplify and brighten the space

While remaining a space for everyday use, the bathrooms have also become a sought-after retreat, whether it’s a luxurious home spa or simply designed with contemporary comforts. We see bathroom design encroach on constructivism, organic shapes, natural materials, floating furniture, open shelves and geometric tile designs.

No longer purely functional and practical places, now the bathrooms are permeated by a relaxing and restful atmosphere. To create a more homely feel in these sanitary spaces, start introducing furnishings and accessories usually found in the living room or bedroom.

Furniture made to measure to imitate, for example, small wardrobes, vanity units and mirrors designed for the bathroom with built-in taps and lighting. Attention to detail, made to order furniture can give a rather special feel, creating an inviting space to retreat to.

Warm wood

Natural wood offers an intense sensory experience with visual performance and contrasting tactile textures that exude well-being. In a place that was once considered hostile to wood, porcelain stoneware is now welcome, introducing natural warmth to a space that can often feel quite cold.

Designers are opting for horizontally laid wooden panels on the walls, providing a warm contrast to the white sinks, while custom-made wooden furniture creates a striking monochromatic look

Amazing geometry

The popularity of cement tiles shows no signs of waning and tile layouts show an even more creative trend. The focus has shifted to the walls, where geometric designs create character on bare walls, or when they surround tubs and washbasins.

Subway, basketball, windmill and the classic arrow arrangement will be the topical styles for the walls; the parquet designs will spontaneously leap from the floor to the walls. As shown here Chevron Pattern gives the otherwise flat space dimension and character,


Wellness is no longer confined to the spa – it has infiltrated every aspect of our lifestyles, from healthy eating to green living, from organic make-up to sustainable furniture and fashion. At home, the epicenter of wellness continues to be the bathroom, where you can let the tensions of the day slip away in a spa-like refuge. The design reflects the sense of caring for nature (and ourselves) with elements in natural and earthy materials, such as minerals, stone and river rock

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