Pre-Cut Sets

We offer pre-cut V-Wrap to fit directly over your wall tiles.

Printed images ceramics from French-Moroccan, Italian, Spanish, and Mexican.

Buy in pre-built sets or create your own custom by mixing-and-matching sets.

Let us know if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, and we’ll get it on here

  • Note that the colors represented on electronic devices will be an approximation of what the color will look like in real life.
  • To specify specific tile, give the column and row coordinates by assigning letter and number (A1=first square, for example)

Pre-cuts could be made in custom shape with any color, shade, or graphic

Order V-Wrap in pre-cut pieces. Order any size you want!

  • Create exposed grout lines
  • Turn a flat wall into a tiled mosaic
  • Want to create a particular pattern, now you can
  • Create mosaics with Mediterranean or Spanish tile design, for example
  • Mix & match colors from any sets

You let us know the size of the pieces you want and how many. It could be from your design or from our standard colors or a custom design. This information could be provided at checkout or contact us beforehand. 

There is no standard cut size. We do have an assortment of Mediterranean and Mexican tile designs you could choose from, but feel free to provide your own. A high quality image is needed for printing.

*V-Wrap also comes in 53″ wide roll¬† and you order like fabric.

Contact us for custom curved cuts.

Looking for an awesome custom design for your next project?