Five Design Ideas to Add More Drama to your Home’s Walls

Your walls have a lot of potential. However, our walls often don’t get utilized to their full capabilities. We often see just white drywall or plain white tiles when your walls can be transformed in a variety of ways.

If you are looking to add more drama for your walls, try one of these five design ideas.

Textural Tile

Tile can already give your walls some much needed texture and dimension, but adding some tile with a bit of 3D to it can really help your walls make a statement. While practical applications such as a kitchen backsplash or shower wall make perfect sense to display such a bold tile, try to include it to unexpected areas, such as a niche or fireplace.

Metallic Wallpaper

Want to add a bit more oomph to your walls? Go for some snazzy wallpaper. But not just any wallpaper…. metallic wallpaper. A wallpaper with some shine and sparkle will add a lot more visual interest to a room. When the light hits your walls right, watch them shimmer. To not overdue the shine, go for a wallpaper with some subtle metallic or shimmer to it.

Bold Colored Trim

While many people opt to paint their walls, have you tried painting your trim? A colorful trim is one way to add a bit of color to a room that isn’t overpowering. It still keeps the overall space refreshing and clean, while adding some bold fun color. Try it in a highly saturated color, such as a fire hydrant red, hunter’s green or blue mosaic.

Detail with Drapery

While a window maybe only a portion of your wall, they can draw your attention in instantly. Soften up your windows and walls with some neutral curtains. A light sheer or classic neutral will help frame up your windows, giving them a finished look and completing the room (and wall).

Gallery Wall

If you love artwork, then a gallery wall might just what your wall space needs. A gallery wall can create many different moods. You can go for a sophisticated collage by keeping all of your frames the same style and color. Or you can opt for something more quirky and whimsical by choosing various ornate frames and mixing up the color and finish, such as woods and metals.

Your walls don’t have to be blank and boring. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to wow up your walls.