Indulge! Home Bath Spa for Refreshing Moments

The bathroom is the most utilized place in a home. It’s a space that’s often designed in a purely “basic” scheme to cater to one’s “basic” needs. Bathrooms matter, as they can truly become more than that! Why not make this space a personalized therapeutic center of the home, a sanctuary where one can revitalize and renew the mind, body and spirit? Can you imagine indulging in a spa style retreat right in your very own home? One that’s specially created for the inner you? Step into ways you can!

It’s all about creating a bath retreat that intimately defines you. Make it a space in your home where you’ll absolutely love to spend time! This can be done by visualizing how you want your space to appear, the ambience you wish for it to exude and how you function within it.

Recapture Your Vision

Take a moment and contemplate. Ask yourself the following questions, “What is my vision for this room?” “What am I seeking to achieve in my overall design?” “What do I see when I visualize color?” Choosing a scheme that reflects how you desire your space to feel and how you desire to feel in its space inspires contemplation. Allow your vision to unfold and evolve.

Revitalize with Color

When decorating from a blank canvas, envision colors that most appeal to you. Colors can be therapeutic as well as inspired by nature. Hues within the green spectrum symbolize nature’s healing and vitality. Soft sky blues evoke inner peace and tranquility. Rose and lavender create serenity. Pastel yellow resonates the sunset, while misty grey relaxes and cools the ambience. Color inspiration can be found through exploring what’s trending while being mindful of practicality. Color ideas can also come from architecture or artwork that’s beckoning you to take notice. You may gain insight from a brilliant textile or within the mere simplicity of a single vase.

When designing around an existing decor, it’s important to ensure that the colors you choose are complementary to furnishings and fixtures you plan to maintain in the space. Among these existing elements, pull out 1-2 colors that you especially love and introduce it as predominate colors. Your choice can be inspired from a color palette featured in your vanity countertop, solids or patterns in a wall or that of a floor treatment. Once you’ve decided on the predominant color, accent colors can be introduced to the scheme.

Rejuvenate with Ambience

How do you want your space to feel? Ideas for creating ambience in your spa will flow from the tranquility of a waterfall, sensuous bath oils, lush vegetation, Zen meditation garden or a personal collection of seashells and stones. Aromatherapy can be appointed to ignite the senses with colorful scented candles, essential oils, incense, diffusers and potpourri. The fragrance of lavender produces calming effects while citrus and eucalyptus lend purification to soothe the soul. Natural soaps, loofah brushes, sea salts, aloe and other spa essentials can be displayed in hand-woven baskets or earthen clay pottery for daily ritual. Soft, sumptuous towels, robes and slippers can lend presentation for daily use.

If you benefit from a moderate to large size bath, consider creating a relaxation corner with comfortable floor cushion or mats for quiet moments, personal reflection or yoga. An expansive amount of space can provide an area for fitness activities beneficial for body renewal.

Refresh with Nature

Look outdoors for inspiration and bring nature in. Plants not only beautify a space, but also purify the environment in producing oxygen for health and wellness. The soft textural effect and exotic shape of plants will counter balance the linearity and hard surfaces of bath fixtures while adding a finishing touch to your overall scheme.

Renew Soothing Moments

Enjoying moments of relaxation and rejuvenation can come with ease by stepping into a home sanctuary of inner peace. Capture your vison. Indulge your soul. Now soothe. . .