Masculine Bathroom Wall Coverings

Manly or Masculine in attribution, at least here, we wish to convey an assertiveness and strength, which both male and female could inhabit. In interior design it is most often termed Industrial.

So below our attention to wall coverings will be assertive, that is not subtle, but bold, and maybe even brash.

For an industrial, or masculine look, choosing the right colors, textures, materials and furnishing accessories will all need to tie together for the desired effect.

In another post we will look at the space as a whole but in this photo gallery, we will just focus on wall coverings for the bathroom shower space.

The designs were created with V-Wrap, a type of wall wrap used in watery and outdoor areas. You could be bold as you want as the V-Wrap wall-wrap could be removed at any time.

Notes on designs:

Metal: steel, brass, etc.

Metal is one of the favorite materials of men and gives the rooms that touch of solid opulence that goes well with the leanest masculine taste. We can choose between steel and brass for more elegant and traditional settings or iron, natural or soaked in acids, for a more rustic and informal atmosphere. Gears and tools? Sure. Be careful not to overdo the chrome: it comes in and out of fashion so frequently and could blind the rest of the room. Best to use in moderation if used) A brushed stainless steel is a better option.

Worn leather and reused items

Adventure and free spirit, and working outdoors. In addition, the vintage effect must be sought to suggest the idea that it has been lived in. The same goes for wood: in natural and dark colors, will do well if they show rough surfaces, never too refined.

Dark colors and natural materials

Let’s start by identifying the characterizing elements. Colors make the difference: the idea of ​​an apartment with white walls is now outdated and suggests a way of being sloppy and devoid of personality. The surfaces will instead be painted using palettes ranging from shades of gray to dove gray, from sand to more decisive brown.

Emblems, Ornaments, Shields, Coat-of-Arms: use as tiles. It creates a dramatic effect and could be personalized to your personal or family story background. It does not need to be military in nature, in could be a sports team or school inspired association.

Remember, the outcome of the masculine design will be dramatic and obvious. The rest of the room should be toned down a bit to risk the room of having a crowded and overwhelming feeling, unless that’s your desired result.