Kitchen Renovation & Makeover Plans: Moderate to Soft

Moderate to Soft Kitchen Renovation & Makeover Plans

The kitchen, the room where we spend time with family and friends. The one in which the smell of coffee wakes us up in the morning and in the evening, at dinner, together with our family, we talk about the day. It is an intimate place, where even cooking together allows you to rediscover the intimacy we tend to lose when spent away from home, for work or school.

But… what if we don’t like the kitchen anymore ???

Even if we do not intend to do a complete renovation, just adding a little bit of color or texture could go a long way to a “new kitchen.” it is still possible to renovate at different budgets and commitment levels. Below we will discuss a moderate to soft kitchen renovation.

Important kitchen renovation

You may be noticing that tiles are dated and chipped, or colors you are tired of seeing! To redo the kitchen, let’s start by changing the floors and walls!

If you do not want to completely gut the floor tiles, you can simply apply new tiles on top of the existing ones. Just make sure that they are even and clean so the adhesive sticks. You can for example opt for a stoneware floor, or evaluate alternative materials such as laminates of various graphics or parquet of different motifs.

Peel and stick tiles are easy and relatively inexpensive that come in several colors and designs. You should slide the refrigerator and stove out of the way just to cover enough so your old floor doesn’t show. It’s a little extra work but will make you feel more satisfied when completed. 

Moderate kitchen renovation

The kitchen can also be renewed by just changing the color of our furniture, working on the existing doors, changing the color with the right materials, such as colored glazes or wood stains, replacing or adding handles, choosing more modern or particular models.

Makeover the color finish of your refrigerator. You could change the doors only or the sides as well. It could completely change the kitchen environment since it’s such a large appliance. If you have a plain white refrigerator, you could modernize it with brushed stainless finish using V-Wrap film. There are over 100 color finishes available to fit any kitchen style you want. And unlike painting your refrigerator, the finish looks factory original. See more details and installation video here.   If you have artsy sensibilities, you could even get a zebra finish on your refrigerator, for example.

We can then choose the most suitable countertop in a  laminate, wood, stone or one of the new materials available.

Over the table, choosing the right chandelier or simple lighting in style with the new kitchen will be the final touch. or simply renew what you have now, if you still like it, by changing the thread with a colored one and putting one of the new bulbs with exposed filaments for a special touch .

Soft kitchen renovation

Sometimes it is enough to change the color of a wall, add some kitchen accessories, such as an accessory bar or a magnetic board, or a new scullery panel; rearrange the arrangement of the furniture in a way more suited to the new spaces of use and the kitchen will look new!

Add a strip of wall-wrap as a back-splash over the sink. It’s a quick and simple solution to a plain blank wall. Customization color or design is possible with V-wrap.