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Creating an Accent Wall

Before you panic in front of the swaddles of colors, it is better to keep in mind a few little secrets. Follow these simple tips to get a good result and find the right color combination for each environment.

  • Choose a tone that matches the flooring present
  • Paint the walls, respecting the style and color of the furnishings
  • Consider the exposure of the room to sunlight.
  • Do not underestimate the influence and behavior of individual colors. If you have bold personality, show it.

Excerpt from  “Rules for Creating an Accent Wall”

Applying color change to curved surfaces

Graphics, striking colors, decorations and patterns, the choice of V-Wrap is practically infinite. Unlike traditional wallpaper V-Wrap, is waterproof, easy to clean, very resistant, resistant to mold and bacteria and repels condensation. It’s very conformable and pliable, allowing it to adhere to curves and dips, so it will hug tiles and dip into grout groves.

Excerpt from “V-Wrap for Bath & Home Decor- A guide”

How to add big lines to your wall

Which wall to choose? Let yourself be guided by the architecture! Follow the structure of the room and focus the decor on an entire wall (don’t stop in the middle!), A niche or a wall overhang. You don’t need to hire a painter to make sure those lines are perfect; you have the option to apply a film over tiles or another surface. Remember to respect the surrounding furnishings by coordinating colors, particularly if space is more formal. You could play with shape and color if the surroundings are also playful.

Excerpt from: “Adding directional lines to your walls for a big change”

Create a longer wall with stepped tiles

Here is a way to make the room appear taller: painted with vertical stripes. the walls appear more slender and the distance between floor and ceiling seems to increase. Choosing horizontal lines, on the other hand, helps to make narrow spaces, such as the hallway, appear larger. It could also make narrow spaces look longer. Subway tiles in a kitchen, particularly with step colored tiles creates the illusion of longer length.

Excerpt from: “Adding directional lines to your walls for a big change”

I really enjoyed the whole project process. The team delivered a design based on true specs and on time. Will definitely recommend!
Jerry Freeman
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