This is the How-to section

Our color chart is the place to start if you want a wall with a solid color. Use the letters and number on the grid to let us know the color you want. Easy peezy.

Cut-to-fit option to install directly over current tile. We custom cut to fit any tile size. Any color and design. We have ready to go designs or create your own.

Watch installation videos below for  tutorials. You’ll learn how to install V-wrap, “dry” and “wet”  and when you might consider each. Also how to splice together two pieces.

Designing with graphics. When you have graphics in your design, you need to pay careful attention on where the material is sized and cut.

Installation video of pre-cut pieces to fit directly over individual tiles.

While V-Wrap will stay on your wall tiles for almost forever, it removes cleanly. See the instructions here.

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Looking for an awesome design for your next project?