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The recreation section focuses on fun spaces, where people play, workout, and keep it entertaining, outdoors or indoors.

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A large wall is a perfect place for creating the mood you need while you’re in that room. Unlike other areas of your house, where you may have several people occupying or visitors arriving, be free to be bolder and fill the wall with a color or a graphic that will excite you, or at least make you smile while you’re maxing out your cardio.

You could apply color and interesting designs on any surface. Some have converted their garage into a gym. The back of the garage door is a great surface to work with as it has angles and curves that will add dimension.

Your private workout area is where you could decorate all for you without having the burden to be acceptable to other people. This space should be motivational and enjoyable.

from  article “Use colorful designs to create gym/workout space at home”

For example, there are those who have chosen to use it to decorate brick wall exteriors. It also withstands exposure to heat as well and for this reason it can also be applied in more exposed areas, such as outdoors in a barbecue area or  the wall above the kitchen stove.

Excerpt from “V-wrap-for-Bath-Home-Decor-a-Guide”

I really enjoyed the whole project process. The team delivered a design based on true specs and on time. Will definitely recommend!
Jerry Freeman
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