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Accent Walls Extraordinaire

To create an accent wall you can indulge yourself with colors or effects, but it is important that you carefully choose which wall to work on and that you are careful to match the shades you choose to your decor. If your idea is to paint one wall in a darker color while leaving the others in a lighter shade, there are rules to follow

The first thing to take into account is that dark colors give the illusion that the wall in question is closer. It is an optical effect used by architects and designers to make a room that has, for example, an irregular shape more harmonious…

Excerpt from: “Rules for Creating and Accent Wall”

Five Reason to Wall Wrap your Tiles

In this article, we introduce the concept of wall wrapping and give you five reasons why you will want to consider wall wrapping your wall tiles.

  1.  Keep up with design trends without costly risk
  2. It’s easier to design with than paint or new tiles
  3. Creative possibilities are almost endless
  4. Versatility
  5. Saves time and money

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Bathroom with Organic Shapes

While remaining a space for everyday use, the bathrooms have also become a sought-after retreat, whether it’s a luxurious home spa or simply designed with contemporary comforts. We see bathroom design encroach on constructivism, organic shapes, natural materials, floating furniture, open shelves and geometric tile designs.

No longer purely functional and practical places, now the bathrooms are permeated by a relaxing and restful atmosphere. To create a more homely feel in these sanitary spaces, start introducing furnishings and accessories usually found in the living room or bedroom.

Excerpt from Choosing a Fashionable Tile: Design Options


Pre-Cut to Fit Tile Option

If your tiles are just not salvageable through adding color and designs, it’s easy enough to start from scratch. This means all color and design options are on the table, albeit following rules for color matching and consistent with the surroundings.

A possible solution is to order pre-cut wall wrap to fit directly over individual tiles. They could be custom cut to fit over your tile, just be careful to measure the size to the exact dimensions you need. If you need to cut or stretch the individual pieces it will mean more work for you. As they say, measure twice and cut once.

Excerpt from: “Ugly Tile and no Time & Little Money? Try These Solutions”

Mix & Match

… If there are no coordinated tiles of the same model, combining different models may not be easy. To find what works, first go in search of the right color tone, definitely detach by size or even choose unexpected combinations with decidedly decorative motifs…

Create Wall Geometry

The popularity of cement tiles shows no signs of waning and tile layouts show an even more creative trend. The focus has shifted to the walls, where geometric designs create character on bare, flat walls, or when they surround tubs and washbasins.

Subway, basket-weave, windmill and the classic arrow arrangement will be the topical styles for the walls; the parquet designs will spontaneously leap from the floor to the walls. As shown here Chevron pattern gives the otherwise flat space dimension and character

from: Choosing a fashionable bathroom tile: design options”

Choosing best Color Shade for Bath

The colors of the walls in the bathroom are among the things we think about the least in the renovation phase. We are looking for a thousand creative solutions for the living room and bedroom. When we have to paint the bathroom, however, we focus on the usual white and the usual tiles. A real shame, since we are talking about one of the most important rooms in the house.The combination of the colors of the bathroom walls, the chosen furniture and the bathroom fixtures can transform the usual room into a small wellness center. Just knowing how to choose the best shades based on the size of the room and the style we want to give it. Let’s find out below how to make a correct and careful choice: ·  Colored or white bathroom? · The best bathroom coverings? · How to match colors in the bathroom

Excerpt from: “Are you looking for the best wall color match for your home? Follow our guide to choose the most suitable shades”
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