Pre-cut V-Wrap


Pre-cut to fit pieces.

Enter total square feet needed. If you need 100 each 4″x4″ pre-cut pieces, for example, that’s 11 total square feet (round to nearest whole number). Contact us or use Google if unsure.

Note: if ordering diameter cuts, and .25″ (4″x4″ becomes 4.25″ x 4.25″) so there’s room to cut.


Pre-cut to fit pieces.

You may want pre-cut pieces to fit over tile, to expose the grout. Or you may want to arrange colors in a certain pattern and need pieces pre-cut. Just let us know the size you need upon check-out.

Our V-Wrap tile wall wrap is simple to place on your tiled, painted brick, and concrete walls. Easy to create accent wall and change the mood.

Choose from our dozens of standard colors from the color page or specify your own.

At checkout, indicate the color number if you’re ordering from the color chart. If you have a custom graphic or color, send in a separate email (just reply to the “Thank You” order confirmation email you will receive).

Enter the total square feet (length x width) you need in the top field. Round up to nearest whole number if a fraction. Please contact if calculation help is needed, particularly if ordering curved shapes.

Shipping is free on orders greater than $200.00