Q: How does V-Wrap work?

A: V-Wrap is a custom vinyl film that has a peel-away backing that sticks to tiles, painted cement, brick and stone to change the color or add visual texture. More details here.

Q: Why do you need to paint cement, brick, stone?

A: Since there is often loose dust from those materials, V-Wrap may not adhere as well.

Q: Will it last as far as color and adhesion from water and steam from hot showers?

A: Yes! It will last for several months & years.

Q: Could you remove it or stays permanent?

A: It’s removable. It will take a little muscle but removes cleanly. See how here

Q: What colors does it come in?

A: You could use the color chart to order a color, or send a custom color request.

Q: Could I send you a graphic?

A: Yes. It should have good enough resolution for printing when enlarged.

Q: I’m thinking about ordering, but I’m not sure how it will look.

A: Send us a photo of where you are considering V-wrap, along with the color or graphic you’re considering, and we will show you what it will look like installed.

Q: How do I order?

A: Just go to the shop page and let us know the square feet and the color you want from the color chart. The roll width is 53″ and it’s like ordering fabric.  If custom color, cut or graphic, send in a separate email.

Q: How do you clean or maintain V-Wrap?

A: Don’t use strong chemicals or abrasives. Water and a white Magic Eraser sponge works great.

Q: How do I install?

A: See the How-to V-Wrap page and Q&A Technical page