Q&A Technical

Q: How does V-Wrap work?

A: V-Wrap is a custom vinyl film that has a peel-away backing that sticks to tiles, painted brick and stone. See Videos.

Q: Why does the brick or stone need to be painted before applying V-Wrap?

A: It’s best if it’s painted as those material, particularly brick, tend to have loose surface dust from their material, causing a weaker adhesion bond for V-Wrap.

Q: Will it last as far as color and adhesion from water and steam from hot showers?

A: Yes! It will last for several months & years.

Q: How do you clean or maintain V-Wrap?

A: Don’t use strong chemicals or abrasives. Water and a white Magic Eraser sponge works great.

Q: Could I apply grout? What if I want exposed grout?

A: No. It will not stick. You could do a couple of things. Once you apply V-wrap to your wall, trim away around the tile. Alternatively, you could purchase pre-cut pieces to fit over existing tiles. See videos for tips.

Q: So if I want individual pieces, you’ll cut to fit my tiles?

A: Yes. You provide the dimensions needed. 

Q; Is it hard to remove?

A: It will be harder to remove after several months, but a heat-gun will help in removing without leaving a residue.

Q: Could you install?

A: Yes, depending your area we charge $75 hour.

Q: How hard is it to install myself?

A: Following the install steps (see videos), you should be able to handle the job. You just need microfiber cloth, a small squeegee with a felt or soft edge, Exacto type knife.

Q: But what are the exact steps for installing?

A: 1. Remove loose grout. Remove caulking around the tiles. 2. Clean the surface with 50-70 percent isopropyl alcohol. 3. Apply the V-wrap. 4. Replace the caulking around the tiles. See videos for details.

Q: I noticed that sometimes you apply water when installing and sometimes without wetting the surface, why?

A: Sometimes you want to use water to make installing V-Wrap easier or when you have graphics. Since you need to stretch the V-Wrap in all directions to make it lay flat and smooth, if you have an adjacent wall, you don’t have space to stretch out the V-Wrap.  And if you’re stretching, it may distort an image. In this case, spray water so the V-Wrap slides into place, then squeegee out the water.