Refrigerator Finish Color Change

Refrigerator Makeover

Well, you have a refrigerator that is plain white or a dated color. The refrigerator is the largest appliance in the kitchen so it is very noticeable and you would like a solution. You could purchase a new refrigerator, but, 1, it is in fine working condition, you just don’t have the money for a new one, or you are renting the apartment and the owner won’t buy a new refrigerator just because you don’t like the finish.

Well, you could paint your refrigerator, in a sense, but with a printed film. The advantages is that you could now change the finish on your refrigerator to match any color, from classic stainless steel to a modern flat black.

See the color below.

It’s not very complicated process, just some planning, cleaning, and patient attention to detail to insure a factory-like finish refrigerator finish.

Here are the steps. Check out the video for refrigerator color change in action.

Steps to color change your refrigerator

  1. Remove handles and accessories such as name plates to make installation easier
  2. Thoroughly clean refrigerator with 75% isopropyl alcohol. Anywhere were the film will attach to, including the inside, needs to be clean for bonding. You may use more aggressive cleaning solvent if refrigerator is very dirty, but conclude with the isopropyl alcohol as it doesn’t contain film residue that will interfere with the adhesive.
  3. Pre-cut the film to needed size. Peel away at the corners first, then attached to sides of refrigerator. Peel away the rest of the backing liner and adjust the film on the refrigerator as needed.
  4. Press down on the center of the film first and start smoothing out to the sides. Use a squeegee to ensure all air under the film is removed. Although it may appear smooth using just a cloth, there is still plenty of air under the film. Use a squeegee.
  5. Tuck film behind the refrigerator and trim, careful not to cut into rubber gasketing.