Ugly Tile and no Time & Little Money? Try These Solutions

Ahh, yes. That black tile probably looked good at some point in time. And the 80’s motif…seriously, what were they thinking? That accent wall seemed like a good idea at the time.

When you can no longer clean out the ugly, start anew.

Whatever the reason you may have to shake or head each time you shower, cringe when a guest asks to use your bathroom, or maybe you want to sell your home and want to make it more presentable with toned-down colors, there is a way to make things better without the need to rip tiles off the wall and dealing with a contractor in your house on their time schedule, plus saving some money at the same time.  

Dealing with Dark Tiles

Dark tiles and walls create a particular problem when you want to cover because it will take substantial amounts of paint to properly cover, otherwise the color will seep through.  

If the dark tiles are in good condition but simply overwhelm the space, you may have more option to explore and consider.  

To completely cover-up all the darkness and apply a brighter or lighter hue to the surface, choose a wall wrap to fully cover the undesired space (see how to use wall wrap). It won’t typically take more than half a day to complete the work. The more time-consuming part is usually deciding on the color or design to apply. Unlike a lighter color, make sure you cover every millimeter of the surface otherwise it might look like a stain on the wall.  

If you think the dark tiles are good enough to work with, here are some ideas to embellish or modify the wall with the existing tiles.

Applying white lanes to the tile.

Diamonds or white hexagons example

If your tiles are just not salvageable through adding color and designs, it’s easy enough to start from scratch. This means all color and design options are on the table, albeit following rules for color matching and consistent with the surroundings (see other articles in blog designer on this topic).

If your grout is in good shape or you’re inclined to re-grout, then it’s possible to create exposed grout with wall wrap. You might be tempted to cutout the wall wrap to expose the grout, but I guarantee you you will have an even line or lines somewhere. The better idea is to order pre-cut wall wrap to fit directly over individual tiles. They could be custom cut to fit over your tile, just be careful to measure the size to the exact dimensions you need. If you need to cut or stretch the individual pieces it will mean more work for you. As they say, measure twice and cut once.

If you don’t care to have grout lines exposed, then you could order wall wrap pretty much like you do fabric and fit to your wall. The grout itself won’t show, but you will see the contours of the grout in the wall wrap, as it sucks into the grout cervices. The exception is if the wall wrap is printed with small squares, as in mosaic, you will not see the curves of the grout channels so readily.

If you are pressed for time and money wall wrap could be your option.

How to wall wrap install page, click here

Below is a carousel of photos to give additional thoughts and  possibilities when working with wall wrap.