Use Colorful Designs to Create Gym/Workout Space at Home

During the Covid-19 pandemic many of us were shut out of our gyms and places where we took yoga classes or martial arts at studios. We began looking for workout gear on-line or finally started to make use of equipment that had laid dormant somewhere in our home and began to assemble a space for our workouts.

You may have converted your patio as your new yoga space or laid-out mats in your garage or spare room. You’ve created an ambiance with a music system, perhaps as simple as music from your phone, to keep you upbeat and motivated.

Workout spaces require good lighting, and perhaps overexaggerated lighting when compared with other spaces you spend time in. This is needed so you clearly see what you’re doing. But all this lighting also exposes the unsightly areas of your workout room. Keeping things tidy and in their place will keep you motivated and happy to be in your space. Attention should be given to any large walls that are empty, particularly if you don’t have any windows.

A large wall is a perfect place for creating the mood you need while you’re in that room. Unlike other areas of your house, where you may have several people occupying or visitors arriving, be free to be bolder and fill the wall with a color or a graphic that will excite you, or at least make you smile while you’re maxing out your cardio.

It could be as simple as buying a can of paint of a motivational color. Here are some thought on how colors affect mood and ambiance.

    Black and gold, the colors of luxury and elegance. You can make a black wall with touches of gold or a black band topped with a gold band. We advise against using black to paint the walls, as it will absorb your light and make the room smaller.

    Green, especially Greenery. It is a deep green with yellow notes, which recalls the color of the leaflets in spring. For a more ethnic or industrial touch, use bottle green instead. If you don’t have windows this color might be a good consideration.

    Red, good for an accent wall, but red is now so common it could look date, so maybe try combining it with white and beige. This way you get a colorful blend and not have the room run too hot.

    Rainbow, another bold color combination for bathroom walls. You could use this in a tiled format for a more sophisticated look.

Big graphics goes very well on a large wall. Something as simple as numbers or an image of your favorite team’s mascot.

You could apply color and interesting designs on any surface. Some have converted their garage to a gym. The back of the garage door is a great surface to work with as it has angles and curves that will add dimension.

Brick or stone could also give you that great texture for colored wall.

Your private workout area is where you could decorate all for you without having the burden to be acceptable to other people. This space should be motivational and enjoyable.

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