V-Wrap for Bath & Home Decor- A guide

V-Wrap is an economical but effective solution to solve aesthetic or functional problems that would otherwise require a large expense and lots of work. If your remodeling budget is particularly tight or you just don’t have the time for a full wall tile gut-job, V-wrap could be considered your option.

It is perfect for covering old tiles that are now aesthetically unconvincing or damaged by time. With a relatively small investment and minimal DIY skills, amazing results can be achieved in no time. In this article we present some solutions and examples at what you could accomplish with V-Wrap, although not exhaustive in the possibilities.

Whether you want to simulate the effect of Italian ceramics or your favorite fresco on plaster, it is all possible with V-Wrap. The technology is such that you may not only use it in the confines of your shower or kitchen, but outdoors as well.

For example, there are those who have chosen to use it to decorate brick wall exteriors. It also withstands exposure to heat as well and for this reason it can also be applied in more exposed areas, such as outdoors in a barbecue area or  the wall above the kitchen stove.

Graphics, striking colors, decorations and patterns, the choice of V-Wrap is practically infinite. Unlike traditional wallpaper V-Wrap, is waterproof, easy to clean, very resistant, resistant to mold and bacteria and repels condensation. It’s very conformable and pliable, allowing it to adhere to curves and dips, so it will hug tiles and dip into grout groves.

You can choose to cover one or more walls, or combine the wallpaper with painted portions of the wall or with other materials such as wood or tiles. The proposed patterns and motifs are really many: from floral motifs to animal decorations, from abstract to geometric motifs.

Another advantage of V-Wrap is that it can be applied directly over old tiles, but first you need to get the surface as smooth and clean as possible. Keep in mind that since V-Wrap hugs the surface, it will show any cracks and bumps that appear on the tiles or other wall surface. 

Those who bet on the classic, which comes and goes into fashion. The motifs that recall the decor of Portuguese azulejos or of the Mediterranean are experiencing a particularly interesting fashion period.

So often people decorate their homes with motifs that are in fashion, only to find that months later what was once the “hot thing” is dated and out of fashion. The beauty with V-Wrap is that it’s easily removed and replaced with the new trend, a more timely décor or a motif that is less sensitive to changes in taste.

Admirers of simple and less noisy designs can certainly be satisfied.

V-Wrap is a solution and suitable when large surfaces need to be covered because of just a few bad tiles or sections, and you don’t want to waste time and money fixing one tile at a time.


Reproducing expensive materials is possible at a fraction of the cost, creating a valuable mosaic effect in marble, for example.  Create an optical illusion of three-dimensional elements that seem to come out of the wall, a result that sets the scene and restores a slightly dull room in just a few steps.

Renovating an old house is never a walk in the park. You have to come to terms with your own economic realities, the ability to endure the inconvenience of very intrusive and expensive job, and the quality of the materials already present. It often happens that the tiles present in the bathroom are dull, dated and tired. V-Wrap will thoroughly cover these “ugly” tiles, and no one but you will know what’s underneath.

Older homes are among the first to suffer the effect of the passage of time. They often become unsightly and dated. Especially those used in the homes of the building boom between the 60s and 70s are characterized by a cheap and often gloomy appearance.

Renovating an old bathroom is easier than you think. It is all about finding the right design to match the context you’re creating and the balance of the house.

For the walls, the matter is simplified and you just have to go hunting for the decoration that best suits your personal taste and the predominant colors in the room.  The first rule to follow to create beautiful V-Wrap experience is to make sure that the surface is smooth and clean. Covering an old ceramic tile can be excellent, if it’s free of irregularities (cracks and chips). The absence of dust or other dirt, even a small grain or a hair, is essential to ensure that a clean-looking install.   You need to equip yourself with some tools: 50%-70% isopropyl alcohol to clean walls. The isopropyl alcohol is used because there is no film residue left behind, unlike “Windex” or other solvent that will leave a residue that will affect the adherence. The isopropyl alcohol also evaporates fast. You need a squeegee with a cloth edge to smooth-out the film and remove any moisture under V-Wrap. A heat gun to make the film more pliable when needed. A micro-cloth to push film into spaces.

While V-Wrap will cover the entire wall surface, you may want to leave the grout exposed. There are two solutions: 1. Order pre-cut V-Wrap to fit directly over the tile and not cover the grout. You will need to specify the tile dimension for custom cutting the V-Wrap; 2. You could cut-away around the tile with a blade, such as an Exacto knife or other narrow and sharp knife. The inside of the shower is no longer that sad place destined to become opaque due to the deposit of limestone on the walls. Here you can apply decorative elements as well as anywhere else in the house. There are tailor-made solutions, such as pre-cut pieces to fit directly over tiles, and leave the grout exposed. The only limitation to the perfect design aesthetic is imagination.

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