Wallcovering Options for Bathroom & Kitchen with Cost

In this post we will show a picture gallery on just a few of the options available to cover your walls for bathroom and kitchen.

The cost are actual costs from V-Wrap, including the shipping charges.  We included cost examples so you have an idea on how much you could expect to spend.

Whether you are doing a small or large makeover, remodel or just a design upgrade, these budget friendly examples will expand your understanding on what is possible on a small budget.

The wall-covering discussed will be primarily be accomplished with wall wrap from V-Wrap. The reason is wall wrap is best used in the kitchen and bathroom. Wall wrap also offers more ample design options than wallpaper.

See here for difference between wallpaper and wall wrap:

                                      Bathroom Design Options with Costs

Wall coverage for 60” x 64” area. (26.7 sq. feet)

Color: lt. Blue wrap with highlights off-center

Cost: 27 square feet wall wrap @ $8.89 sq. feet = $240.03 + $5.00 squeegee = $245.03  

For this job, ordered a roll of wall wrap 52” x 75” Since the widest roll is 52”, a splice was needed to cover one length. The splice was done at the grout line so would not be visible. 

Total labor time about 2.5 hours. 

Wall coverage: 190 black dots 3.5” diameter. The printer needs .25” space to cut around each circle, so calculate cost at 3.75” each dot.  14.0625 sq. inch each dot x 190 dots = 2,671.875 sq. inches or 18.55 sq. feet.  

Wall wrap cost: $209.00 + $5.00 squeegee. $214.00

Labor time: 2 hours.  

You could also have dots printed on a full sheet. Here, individual dots made it easier to control where dots appear on the wall. It was just peel and stick.

Wall coverage: two walls blue on white design. One wall is 62” x 66” (28.4 sq.ft) and other wall is 32” x 66” (14.67 sq,ft). Order 44 total square feet of wall wrap.

Cost: $391.16 wall wrap + $5.00 squeegee = $396.16

Labor time: approximately 5 hours.

Wall coverage: Mosaic accent design on plain plastic pre-fab shower enclosure

Color: Mix and match country mosaic.

Wall wrap 52”x76” wide roll. 

Cost $247.80 + $5.00 squeegee = $252.80

Wall coverage: 28” x 78” Mosaic tile lane. Requested pre-cut exactly 28” x 78”

Cost: $195.00 for 16 square feet

Labor Time: 45 minutes

Wall coverage: Backsplash lane 14” x 60”

Color: custom print

Cost: $73.17 wall wrap + $5.00 squeegee = $78.17

Labor time: about one hour

Wall coverage: vanity accent wall 55” x 60”

Color: custom print

Cost: $253.00 wall wrap + $5.00 squeegee = $258.00

Labor time: 1 hour (install before cabinet placed)

Wall coverage: wall inset pre-cut images 12 each pre-cut 6” x 10”

Color: Japanese motif art

Cost $63.00

Labor time: 45 minutes

Wall coverage: Art-house accent wall. Pre-cut 8” tall in varying widths. By making all the pre-cuts same height it gives the wall straight horizontal lines, but varying the width adds depth and broken but compelling patterns.  

Color: custom art subdued tone

Cost: $330.00 pre-cut wall wrap + $5.00 squeegee = $335.00 (45” x 96” wall is 30 sq. ft)

                         Kitchen Design Options with Costs


 Wall coverage: Stove back wall  pre-cut  18” x 60”

Color: mosaic

Cost $93.00 wall wrap + $5.00 squeegee = $98.00

Wall coverage: Kitchen counter back splash. Pre-cut  15” x 60”

Color: Custom printed letters

Cost $78.75 wall wrap + $5.00 squeegee = $83.75

Wall coverage: Quilt kitchen accent wall 96” x 68”

Color: Quilt patchwork

Cost $408.94 wall wrap + $5.00 squeegee = $413.94

Wall coverage: horizontal lanes. 1 @ 12” x 78; 3 @ 10” x 24”

Color: navy blue

Cost $145.10 wall wrap (pre-cut)+ $5.00 squeegee = $150.10

Wall coverage: Oversize tile look. 14 pre-cut 8”x 16”. Each precut piece covers 4 tiles that are 4”x8”

Color: Pinwheel lemon design

Cost $155.88 wall wrap + $5.00 squeegee = $160.88

Wall coverage: Kitchen counter seating area.  24” x 48”

Color: subdued tone tile

Cost $100.36 wall wrap (pre-cut)+ $5.00 squeegee = $105.36

Framing the kitchen window. Four pre-cut pieces. 42″ x 19″; 42″ x 3″; and 2 pieces 34″ x 3″ total 7.865 $101.20 total